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CheckedImageListBox .NET WinForms control screenshots

Hi folks,

Here are some screenshots of my new .WinForms NET control – CheckedImageListBox .NET that I am about to release.

The screenshots here presents some of the core scenarios of its renderings, more specifically illustrating…

  • Automatically formatted multi-line content text
  • Title text
  • Item image
  • Item in Partial-view and Full-view modes
  • Item Sidebar (both in item Full-view and Partial-view modes)
  • Item Sidebar rendered using custom colour values, one for each of the item visual state – i.e. the Hovered and Selected visual states
  • Customised Foreground colours for Item title and content text
  • Background colours (and gradients) customised for items in different visual states – i.e. Normal, Selected, and Hovered
  • Item Annotations (on mouse hover on Item)
  • The checked / unchecked states using…
    • Built-in check box drawing, and
    • Also with custom images that you can set for each of those check states

There are many more features to present, especially across many different properties setup, but I present here some of the essential ones, just to tease your appetite ;)


- Sundar







- Sundar

New Advanced CheckedImageListBox WinForms .NET control

Here comes my latest .NET controls suite release that will include among various new features and controls, a new .NET control for WinForms -  a very advanced capabilities supporting CheckedImageListBox control.

Honestly, this has ended up taking quite a bit of my effort and time to finish it off, not just because it was indeed quite a complex control to write and the pixel-perfection of the UI I always want to achieve, but also because I could not resist my temptations to stop adding more and more features into it :)

Phew! Finally… here comes my new .NET WinForms .NET control - AdvancedCheckedListBox .NET

Once i have created my new product’s web page, you will be able to read the full set of the control’s features in detail, but for those who cant wait to know what my new control can do ;), here is the brief summary of its capabilities…


Advanced CheckedImageListBox .NET

The new CheckedImageListBox .NET control will present your data items in a list-box style display, and in addition provide may extended modern UI features, including...

  • Out-of-the-box OwnerDrawnVariable mode style drawing, thereby letting your item’s content to have differing fonts, and text drawing styles
  • Drawing a check-state for each item - i.e. allows presenting the list items with a checkbox, that can be checked, unchecked or even set to undefined (i.e. check-state completely removed)
  • Drawing a custom image for each item
  • Drawing a title, and a body content text for the item
  • Drawing a side-bar at the left hand side of the item when the mouse hovers over an item (or when the item is currently in selected state). This side-bar can be heavily customised for its width, background color, gradient, its border thickness and color.
  • Drawing item-specific annotation at the far right-side of the item, when the item is mouse-hovered or is currently in selected state. This will let you custom supply an annotation image (for purposes such as, say, allowing the user to do some actions such as print, delete etc.) that can be rendered on the item, on an per-item basis, so that you can decide what annotation / image to show depending on which item is currently being hovered upon or selected, by subscribing to certain special events the control raises.
  • Draws an Outlook style User-interface as is seen in its messages list view style of rendering items
  • Supports advanced item display modes, viz., Full View and Partial View
  • Automatic multi-line formatting of item content and title text, as the controls size is changed at run-time
  • Built-in feature of displaying alternate colored items
  • Custom sizing of the check-box UI in the items
  • Custom images for Checked/Unchecked states of the Check-state image
  • Supports the CheckOnClick feature
  • Custom sizing of gap / padding between items’ visual components (image, checkbox and text)
  • Enables drawing border for items
  • Custom border sizing and color
  • Custom border thickness across different states of item, i.e. Selected, Unselected or hovered
  • Custom background color and gradient setup for various visual states for the items, i.e. Selected state, unselected state and Mouse-over visual states
  • Custom background color and gradient setup for control's states viz., Enabled, Disabled and Read-only visual states
  • Extensive customization of many UI aspects of the control, including colors, gradients, padding, sizing, and many more
  • Provides a number of API methods to be called on it, to support programmatic operations, including: Scorlling, Selection / de-selection, Check-state setting, etc. 
  • Exposes a number of special events to subscribe to and custom handle in your code, including: ItemHoverChanged, ItemCheckStateAboutToBeChanged, ItemCheckStateChanged, VerticalScroll, TooltipAboutToBeShow, AnnotationImageClicked, ItemImageClicked, etc.
  • And, many many, yes, many many more features…. ;)


My product web page, once i release it, will contain even more details on this new .NET Control.

Watch the space… Binarymission - UIControlSuite .NET

Have fun.



- Sundar

Highly customizable GroupBox .NET control for WinForms


I have built a heavily customizable GroupBox .NET control for the WinForms.

Its quite a treat, visually speaking. You will all love it ;)


The control boasts several features, including the following broadly speaking…

  • Customizable border colour and styles (including dotted border)
  • Customizable border thickness
  • Customize separate font for Header text and the rest of the groupbox control
  • Draw the Group-box background with either Linear gradient brush or a solid brush, with colours that you can choose
  • Draw the Groupbox's Header text area with border and a background, with header section border thickness and colour customizable as well
  • Customize the left and right margin around the group-box header text
  • Customize the padding for the group-box border
  • Choose between drawing the group-box border to any location in the control - i.e. left aligned or right-aligned, or even centre-aligned


Product details

There is lots more. Check it out from the product page here:


Have fun!

- Sundar


Some screenshots of the control in action…







Upcoming release: New control: Scheduler control for WPF

Just a quick heads-up to say I will be releasing a new WPF control in the coming weeks -  an MS Outlook styled Scheduler control for WPF :)

I have completed building the control, and am giving it the “final touches” at the moment, so-to-speak!

A quick summary of the core features of the control is like so:

  • Multiple Schedule modes: Implements Day view, Week view and Month view of schedules
  • MS Outlook style look-and-feel: I have built it as much as possible, to make the control look and feel like the Outlook scheduler…but, honestly it is much more beautiful than the MS Outlook’s scheduler ;)
  • Easy setup and usage: The control is designed to be very easy to setup & use. You simply setup a list of Scheduler evens on the control, and subscribe and handle any of the various events/commands that the control exposes, and your application is scheduler enabled. Its that easy.
  • Deep UI customisation: Apart from the ready-to-use default view for the UI, the control also supports extensive customisation of the schedule view’s UI aspects
  • Advanced custom plug-in model enabled: The control exposes a pluggable interface IScheduleFacilitator which you could custom implement on a custom view, and ask the control to use that custom view to be presented as the view for schedule views, such as Day view, week view and month view.
  • Raises several CLR events and commands to let you respond and handle interactions with all core artefacts of the control (such as specific event view, timeline objects, etc.)
  • Fully MVVM design pattern friendly: The control raises corresponding commands (apart from the CLR events that it raises for any interactions with the control), so you can manage handling fully via your ViewModel layer rather than code-behind)
  • Built-in color schemes: I have built 10 different color schemes that you can readily use by simply switching the color mode property value on the control. That said, you can customise the control’s color aspects in any way you want, by setting up your custom style for the control.



I do not have a confirmed date for the release at this time, since I need to spend some more time to complete the final touches on the control.

That said, I expect to make it available around end of October.


What more?

I plan to develop and release the Silverlight and WinRT versions of the Scheduler control too, to be available in future releases. I will start to develop these versions after I release the WPF version in the upcoming release.


Watch this blog or my website for more updates soon.


- Sundar