UIControlSuite Release 18: To be available on 5th September
UIControlSuite .NET Release 18 is now LIVE and available

UIControlSuite .NET Release 18 - New WPF Tab control introduced

Here comes Release 18 “Delivery”, in an agile way ;) – the Continuous Delivery model in action!

As announced in my earlier post on Release 18, i am now making the builds available incrementally with each new feature/enhancement/fix as promised, so we will have the Release 18 made available smoothly over a few days of time (rather than waiting for the one full release with all new stuff in it on the Release 18 sprint release date).

I making available the new WPF Tab control now, and have added it as part of the already available SmartNavigator controls collection in the UIControlSuite package.

This gives you a very nice and customisable Tab strip control that is ready to use out-of-the-box.


Tab-strip control features summary

The control is a regular Tab control for WPF, but its got several out-of-the-box features such that you can simply drag-drop a control instance into your Window, set some properties and off you go for an amazing, really jaw-dropping Tab control features.

This control can do everything my (already available) WinForms Tab control can do, and much much more!

To summarise the features quickly, its got several styles of rendering including Visual Studio style, Diamond, Trapezium, and a host of others, and currently supports two orientations (Top and Bottom).

The control also has some neat animations such as performing transforms upon mouse hovering into a tab header, rendering currently inactive (or not selected/mouse-hovered) tab items to be rendered in a translucent / transparent mode, and more.


Is there a Silverlight version of this control?

At this time, the control is written only for WPF (as planned for Release 18), but i intend to re-write it for Silverlight as well soon. (Oops! This little secret slipped out of my mouth accidentally ; ))

OK, now that i have mentioned it,  let me also tell you that I am planning to release the Silverlight version of this control as part of the next big release – i.e. Release 19 along with the other “heavy-weight” features-rich controls).


Here are some snapshots of the WPF Tab-strip control in action…








Download the package today, and have fun.

- Sundar



Thanks, Mike.

I am getting my remaining bits of Release 18 RTM'd in a short while now.

Enjoy! :)


Mike Jol

I am loving it! Thanks Sundar, for the release 18 bits.
I am sucker of your Virtualizing wrap panel control, and the most recent release of that control has helped me immensely, especially the varying item size feature and the advanced group heder rendering bits. I just love it.

I downloaded the relase 18, and the WPF tab control is aawesome.
But my all time favourite remains your multi-column combobox, and the treelistview.

Please keep up the great work. I also love your frequent releases.

Thanks for your nice controls and hard work.

-Mike Lol.

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