VirtualizingWrapPanel v 7.0 + UIControlSuite Release 17 enhancements – Varying child size rendering supported
UIControlSuite Release 18: To be available on 5th September

Release 19 of UIControlSuite .NET: Sneak peek into what is coming!

First, a big “Thank you”!

Guys, thanks for all your awesome interest in my Release 17 release of UIControlSuite.NET with the version 7 of VirtualizingWrapPanel control!

Now, its time to talk about what plans I have for the next major releases… so here it goes…

A little sneak peek into what is being completed for the Release 19

Release 19 will be my yet another major release with the following new controls:

  • Docking control for WPF
  • Docking control for Silverlight
  • Ribbon control for Silverlight
  • Advanced Grid control for the WPF
  • Advanced Grid control for Silverlight
  • Scheduler for WPF, with Hour, Day, Month and Year views
  • Scheduler for Silverlight, with Hour, Day, Month and Year views

I will announce the ETA for releasing Release 19 in a few weeks later, once i have my upcoming Release 18 made RTM and available to public.

Stay tuned!

- Sundar