Release 19 of UIControlSuite .NET: Sneak peek into what is coming!
UIControlSuite .NET Release 18 - New WPF Tab control introduced

UIControlSuite Release 18: To be available on 5th September


I will be making Release 18 of UIControlSuite.NET public, on the 5th September. Here is a quick summary of what is coming in this release…

New Tab control for WPF (Update: This is now delivered in the Release 18 first build released on 31/08/2011)

This will be a customisable Tab control that is ready to use out-of-the-box.

Its got several styles of rendering including Visual Studio style, Diamond, Trapezium, and a host of others, and currently supports two orientations (Top and Bottom).

Enhancements to existing WPF and Silverlight controls

1. A new standalone Pan and Zoom control is now available for WPF and Silverlight.

This will be able to provide Panning and Zooming services to any content.

2. Several new slide transition effects have been added for the Slideshow control
3. Flowchart / Organisation chart control now supports Zooming and Panning out-of-the-box
4. Flowchart / Organisation chart control now supporting out-of-the-box printing facility (including printing into multiple pages).

General maintenance, bug fixes across controls in the suite, including:

- FIXED: Slideshow Raindrop effect in Win7 64-bit did not work sometimes, now fixed.
- FIXED: Slideshow repeating the last slide twice if you moved directly to the last slide when the slideshow begins
- FIXED: An extra pixel unit of border that was being rendered in the left hand side of the Ribbon tab item
- FIXED: WinForms TreelistView item rendering flickers when performing mouse-move when using the advanced gradient color rendering mode for items.


Release 19 work-in-progress

The Release 19 of UIControlSuite pack of work is getting closer to completion as we speak, but i will announce its release date a bit later.



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