UIControlSuite .NET Release 18 - New WPF Tab control introduced
UIControlSuite Release 18.1 – Enhancement to Multi-column Combobox control

UIControlSuite .NET Release 18 is now LIVE and available

The Release 18 is now LIVE, and all announced features are now available ;)

The full list of features in this Release are like so:


New WPF Tab control

This will be a customisable Tab control that is ready to use out-of-the-box.

Its got several styles of rendering including Visual Studio style, Diamond, Trapezium, and a host of others, and currently supports two orientations (Top and Bottom).

Refer to more detail on this control here in my earlier blog post.


New WPF & Silverlight control: ZoomAndPan provider

ZoomAndPan is a new control for WPF & Silverlight, and as the name indicates clearly, the control provides Panning and Zooming service to any FrameworkElement.

The control has several configurable features including, being able to set:

  1. Custom Zoom factor
  2. Custom Maximum and Minimum zoom depth
  3. Enabling or disabling Panning
  4. Enabling or disabling automatic zoom out, based on a particular key
  5. Custom keyboard key for automatic zooming out

An Online demo of this ZoomAndPan control is here:

Online demo of ZoomAndPan control for WPF & Silverlight


A screenshot of how you can use the control to enable zooming and panning on it is like so:



Enhancements to existing WPF and Silverlight controls

  1. Several new slide transition effects have been added for the Slideshow control
  2. Flowchart / Organisation chart control now supports Zooming and Panning out-of-the-box
  3. Flowchart / Organisation chart control now supporting out-of-the-box printing facility (including printing into multiple pages).

General maintenance, bug fixes across controls in the suite, including:

- FIXED: Slideshow Raindrop effect in Win7 64-bit did not work sometimes, now fixed.
- FIXED: Slideshow repeating the last slide twice if you moved directly to the last slide when the slideshow begins
- FIXED: An extra pixel unit of border that was being rendered in the left hand side of the Ribbon tab item
- FIXED: WinForms TreelistView item rendering flickers when performing mouse-move when using the advanced gradient color rendering mode for items.


Release 19 Updates

The work on the upcoming Release 19 is underway and approaching completion soon :)

The new controls that will be available in Release 19 are like so:

  • Docking control for WPF
  • Docking control for Silverlight
  • Ribbon control for Silverlight
  • Advanced Grid control for the WPF
  • Advanced Grid control for Silverlight
  • Scheduler for WPF, with Hour, Day, Month and Year views
  • Scheduler for Silverlight, with Hour, Day, Month and Year views

Stay tuned for more information on that release in a couple of weeks time from now.


Enjoy Release 18.

- Sundar



Hi Ian,

The controlvisualresizer is also a new control in this release, but like you said i did not announce it as a separate control since there are many more new controls like these that i have put together in the suite as shared libraries/control that can used across in any wpf silverlight application, so thought i don't have to keep mentioning it separately in an individual product page of their own.

I guess i need to, maybe. Thaks for your comments.

Yes, Release 19, i will announce the date a while later, but all i can say now is its getting to a very stable stage at this time, and is under lots of testing.

Ian Avery

Fantastic release, Sundar. I am loving the zoom and panning features.
Good set of new controls there.

I love the ControlVisualResizer control that you have there for WPF.
I am not sure why you have not mentioned it as a new control in the release though?

Now, i can't wait for your upcoming Release 19. That is going to be awesome with so many more new controls!



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