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UIControlSuite Release 18.1 – Enhancement to Multi-column Combobox control

The Release 18.1 is now RTM / available to public. This release contains an enhancement to our WinForms Advanced Combobox control.

The control’s multi-column mode now is capable of rendering the column data in varying data formats:

The control when run in its multi-column mode, is capable of rendering column data in various data format types like so:

  • Currency data type; where you can specify how many decimal places you want the control to display the data
  • Integer data type; where you can ask the control to render the thousands commas separator
  • Decimal data type; where you can ask the control to render decimal value with how many ever decimal precision you want it to render
  • Date or Date and Time data type ; where you can ask the control to render the date as just date or with full custom date string as desired
  • Text data column; this is default mode of rendering the data in the multi-column view.

Note that the view will still render the data as string data, but it will format it to any of the above listed data formats before rendering it in the view and then render it as text data.

More details & screenshot of the feature in action is in the website / product page here:



Have fun.

- Sundar


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