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New WinForms Custom ScrollBar control to be available in Release 18.5 Of UIControlSuite .NET

I just cannot believe how many companies are in WinForms development even now, in spite of the enormous potential that WPF and Silverlight continues to offer for thick/desktop and smart client development… and as a result I have been getting a huge number of many new WinForms controls requests from existing and new potential customers ;)

A new WinForms ScrollBar .NET Control

Anyway, as a result of a large amount request for a custom ScrollBar control for WinForms, I have put together a new control – ScrollBar .NET for WinForms.

I already have written a customised WPF ScrollBar/ScrollViewer control which is already available in the UIControlSuite package, and this new ScrollBar control is for WinForms.

Features include:

  • Supports both Orientations: Vertical, and Horizontal
  • You can customise the colors every single aspect of the rendered artefacts viz., Thumb, Track and Scroll Arrow buttons
  • Supports customisation of colors for rendering various states like Hot, Pressed, Normal and Disabled
  • Supports customisation of images in the Thumb and Arrow buttons
  • Out-of-the-box ready to use pre-configured rendering with Office 2007, Windows 7, Windows 8 Metro style, and custom Basic Colors rendering pack

Where can you use this new control

You will be able to use this wherever you would normally use the HScrollBar and VScrollBar classes, and use to implement scrolling in containers that do not provide their own scroll bars (or even if they provide their own, you could switch them off and add this control and wire up the scrolling using the control’s properties such as LargeChange, SmallChange, Minimum, Maximum, Position, etc.).

Additional new WinForms .NET Controls that will be made available as part of this release:

To make instant use of the new WinForms ScrollBar control, I have written some new useful controls that comes built-in with the new scrollbar control as their scroll bar, so you do not have to write or wire up anything.

These new controls include:

  • A Scrollable Imageviewer control
  • A Scrollable Panel container control

With these controls in your toolbox, you can simply set the desired colors for various aspects of the scrollbar, and start using these controls.

When are these new control available?

I am expecting to make this new control available on sometime this week – say by 27/28th.


Some screenshots of this new Customisable WinForms ScrollBar control in action:


CustomSCrollBar_3_v3     CustomSCrollBar_2_v2



Check the product page in the company website here: New WinForms SCrollBar .NET control

This new .NET WinForms control will be released as part of UIControlSuite .NET Release 18.5, and will be available only to Corporate Edition customers (which is the only license made available going forward).

This release will also include a maintenance and some enhancements to existing WinForms, WPF and Silverlight controls in the suite.

- Sundar



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