New WinForms Custom ScrollBar control to be available in Release 18.5 Of UIControlSuite .NET
UIControlSuite .NET: Release 19 rollout

UIControlSuite .NET Release 18.5 goes LIVE

The New Release 18.5

The new release UIControlSuite .NET 18.5 is now LIVE with 3 new WinForms .NET controls including the WinForms Scrollbar control (as detailed in my earlier blog post here).

Also available in this release are a host of other feature enhancements to existing WinForms, WPF & Silverlight controls, and set of bug fixes.

More details available here in the UIControlSuite .NET Release 18.5 Release notes.

Have fun!

Next Release 19…

The next major release, UIControlSuite Release 19, with loads of new WPF & Silverlight .NET controls, is not far away! Stay tuned.

- Sundar


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