UIControlSuite .NET: Release 19 rollout
Happy New Year with New Product Releases

Office 2010 styled Ribbon Backstage menu, and reusable standalone Backstage Tab control for WPF – Release 20

On top of the already made available new controls in the Release 19 build, I am making available two more new controls (thanks to all the requests from my customers, for these features) as new Release 20:


Ribbon control gets Backstage menu feature

I have enhanced my existing WPF Ribbon control to have the popular Office 2010 style Backstage menu feature.

You could switch to this menu mode by simply setting up your menu content inside the newly introduced control named BinaryRibbonBackstageApplicationMenu which is hosted as the value for the ApplicationMenu property of the BinaryRibbonBarPanel instance.

Its as simple as that!


Here are some quick screenshots of a Ribbon app and the window instance displaying the Backstage menu.




Standalone Office 2010 style Backstage Tab control

I am also making available in Release 19, a new standalone Office 2010 styled Backstage tab/Menu control that you could use in your applications (outside of our Ribbon), so you could render a Backstage control as a tab control in your apps where you do not have our Ribbon style application rendering.

The control will allow you to customise every single rendering aspect, including Menu background, foreground, menu item width, height, item selection colour, item hovering colour, etc.

Here is a quick screenshot of a standalone app using the new Backstage WPF Tab control: (click on the image for a full view)

Backstage styld Tab-Menu control for WPF



- Sundar


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