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Happy New Year with New Product Releases

Its been quite a busy year :) with lots of product releases at various points in time.

The recent releases included quite a number of new products, especially for the WinForms .NET platform.

Particularly, one product that has been a very big hit and popular with my customers is the ModernChromeWindow .NET component.
This one took quite a bit of my time and effort to develop, but has come out very nicely :).. well worth having my time spent on it.

This component fully replaces the .NET Framework's stock .NET component - the Form class, and in addition to that I completely take the heavy-lifting off you around managing and rendering the non-client area (a.k.a. the Chrome) bits so as to let you perform heavy customisations on it with super easy code…  the non-client area customisation now is as simple as setting some CLR type properties in order to make your Form / Window look really cool, without you having to do deal with any of the low-level non-client are Win32 messages, et al.

You can even host rich .NET controls on the title-bar with absolute ease. You simply add these controls to a collection type CLR property, and i take care of how to render them on the real non-client area that I render. ;)


A quick features round-up:

  • Ability to fully customize the non-client area
  • Full design-time supported
  • Incredibly easy to use – it is as simple as setting up some CLR properties
  • You can customise every aspect of the chrome
  • Out-of-the-box support for ready-to-use Window rendering themes: includes Office, Win 8 and Win RT themes, all ready to use
  • Custom theme supported
  • Host rich .NET controls on the title-bar, if you want to
  • Plug-in your own chrome area renderer, if you want to take full control over the rendering
  • Customize the application chrome command buttons
  • and many more rich features.


You can read more about the ModernChromeWindow .NET component here in my website.

Download your copy today, and enjoy :)


- Sundar


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