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Highly customizable GroupBox .NET control for WinForms


I have built a heavily customizable GroupBox .NET control for the WinForms.

Its quite a treat, visually speaking. You will all love it ;)


The control boasts several features, including the following broadly speaking…

  • Customizable border colour and styles (including dotted border)
  • Customizable border thickness
  • Customize separate font for Header text and the rest of the groupbox control
  • Draw the Group-box background with either Linear gradient brush or a solid brush, with colours that you can choose
  • Draw the Groupbox's Header text area with border and a background, with header section border thickness and colour customizable as well
  • Customize the left and right margin around the group-box header text
  • Customize the padding for the group-box border
  • Choose between drawing the group-box border to any location in the control - i.e. left aligned or right-aligned, or even centre-aligned


Product details

There is lots more. Check it out from the product page here:



Have fun!

- Sundar


Some screenshots of the control in action…








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