New Advanced CheckedImageListBox WinForms .NET control
UIControlSuite .NET product release 22.3

CheckedImageListBox .NET WinForms control screenshots

Hi folks,

Here are some screenshots of my new .WinForms NET control – CheckedImageListBox .NET that I am about to release.

The screenshots here presents some of the core scenarios of its renderings, more specifically illustrating…

  • Automatically formatted multi-line content text
  • Title text
  • Item image
  • Item in Partial-view and Full-view modes
  • Item Sidebar (both in item Full-view and Partial-view modes)
  • Item Sidebar rendered using custom colour values, one for each of the item visual state – i.e. the Hovered and Selected visual states
  • Customised Foreground colours for Item title and content text
  • Background colours (and gradients) customised for items in different visual states – i.e. Normal, Selected, and Hovered
  • Item Annotations (on mouse hover on Item)
  • The checked / unchecked states using…
    • Built-in check box drawing, and
    • Also with custom images that you can set for each of those check states

There are many more features to present, especially across many different properties setup, but I present here some of the essential ones, just to tease your appetite ;)


- Sundar







- Sundar


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