UIControlSuite .NET product release 22.3
MarkerScrollBar .NET Control… (almost) Release ready! :)

Next UIControlSuite .NET Release - Development News Updates

Hello all,

As part of my next UIControlSuite .NET products release, I am currently working on building some really exciting new .NET control across WinForms and WPF, viz., a couple of which I want to announce now :)


The New controls, includes:

  • ScrollBar Marker control for WinForms
  • ScrollBar Marker control for WPF
  • ThumbnailView Scrollbar for Winforms
  • ThumbnailView Scrollbar for WPF


Features summary:

These new controls extend the capabilities of my current products Advanced ScrollBar for WinForms and WPF, and will provide capabilities such as:

  • Rendering markers/bookmarks on the Scrollbar track
  • Support a variety of rendering options, including supporting
    • Custom shapes and images as the marker
    • Border & Fill decorations for the markers
    • Render tooltips on markers, thereby providing useful feedback to users
  • Allow extensibility abstractions, so that your code can own up the full drawing of the market artefacts
  • Display thumbnail view of the scrollbar attached control's contents


As usual, when I come close to the release date of these new .NET controls, I will publish screenshots of these product features here, so you can get to see all the goodies in the controls.


License purchase Options

Customers will be able to get these new controls by buying the appropriate licenses, i.e.

  • The WInForms version of controls will be available when you buy the UIControlSuite .NET WinForms Edition or higher, and
  • Both the WinForms and WPF versions of the new controls will be available when you buy the UIControlSuite .NET Professional Edition or higher product licenses.

There is not a way to buy these controls individually.



I am also building a number of more new .NET controls, and will be publishing more details on them sometime later.

Stay tuned!

- Sundar


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