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New WinForms control released: MarkerScrollBar .NET

MarkerScrollBar .NET Control… (almost) Release ready! :)

Hi folks,

I have completed developing my new .NET control – MarkerScrollBar .NET now :)

I will make it available for release soon.

Here’s a quick screenshot of one state of my PicturePanel control (that uses internally my MarkerScrollBar control) which is setup with several bookmarks on the scrollbar control instances (both Horizontal and Vertical scrollers).

You can see many bookmarks in there, including the fact that each one is a different kind of bookmark too (image, shape, etc.).

There are tons of features in it, including the size/colours/brush configurations, automatic scroll to the appropriate location when the user clicks on bookmark, providing extended information on the bookmarks themselves via tooltip, and many many more features.

It will be fun to use! :)

I will be releasing the WinForms and the WPF versions of this new control soon, so I can continue to finish developing the two other new .NET controls – viz., ThumbnailViewScrollbar .NET for Winforms and WPF (I am in the final stages of complete developing these two controls, as we speak) :)


MarkerScrollBar .NET control in action… I am loving the view inside it too :)



Have fun!

- Sundar


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