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September 2015

Enhancements to AdvancedGroupBox .NET control for WinForms

Hello all,

I have released a new build of the AdvancedGroupControl .NET for WinForms :)

In this release, i have put together several new features, including:

  • Ability to heavily customize Corners drawing
  • Customizing Group Header drawing location
  • Out-of-the-box new styles of rendering the groupbox – i.e. rectangular, Circular, and more complex shapes
  • Customize drawing angle for various corners
  • and Many more


Have fun!

- Sundar

Advanced enhancements to Tab control for WinForms released

Hi folks,

I have put together some more advanced features in my Tab control for WinForms.


WinForms PowerTabStrip .NET control enhancements

The enhancements includes several new features, including:

  • Multi-line overflow of tabs
  • Auto re-layout upon resizing of the window / container
  • Out-of-the-box feature of auto sizing the tab page headers to make them all be same across all tab pages
  • Advanced formatting of the header text
  • More advanced Design-time enhancements for building your tab control instance in your applications an absolute breeze
  • Touch-screen capable - Supports large sized image as tab page header image
  • Ability to disable any tab page header, so it will be unavailable for selection, and the UI will present its UI aspects in a disabled state
  • Supports hosting varying sized tab headers and Tab page header images
  • Supports having image on some tab page headers, and none on others
  • Disabled state drawing for tab page headers, page header image and text
  • New design-time enhancements to perform advanced re-calculation/re-drawing and layout updates when some advanced layout related property is changed (like multi-line / menu tab page overflow, header image change from small size to larger size, etc.)
  • Many many more features. :)


Head out straight to my website Tab Control product page and have a look at the goodies :)


Upcoming New WPF .NET control product release

WPF Scroll Marker .NET control is approaching imminent release :) … stay tuned!

My WinForms ScrollMarker .NET control is available since last week.


Have fun!

- Sundar

New WinForms control released: MarkerScrollBar .NET

Hello good people,

I am now releasing my new WinForms .NET control – MarkerScrollBars .NET today :)


Product details

For full product details, please visit the product page here.


The new .NET control is ready for play

Evaluating customers: Please feel free to download and play with it.

Retail customers: You can download it for use right-away in your applications (if you are currently a licensed customer with valid / active support license).


Have fun.

- Sundar