Enhancements to AdvancedGroupBox .NET control for WinForms
Release v.25 soon! New WPF controls coming! :)

Advanced enhancements to WinForms Tab control

Hello all,

I have put together some new enhancements into my Tab control for WinForms.

You will love them :)


New features include…

1. Advanced automatic multi-line Header text drawing

The control supports drawing the header text of its tab pages, in multiple lines automatically.

There are two different levels to this feature-set:

  • You set once piece of a long line for the header text, and the control will take care of wrapping the text into multiple lines automatically
  • You being able to specifically set multiple distinct lines/sentences of text as the header text property value - In this case, you can setup multiple lines by visually entering carriage returns, and the control will also recognize these separate lines and then draw them in their individual lines

2. Advanced customizations around Tab page overflow management

  • A new rendering mechanism strategy is now available, whereby you can choose the tab pages overflow calculation strategy via a new property named TabPagesOverflowCalculationStrategy

Checkout the product website for more details, screenshots, etc.

Have fun!

- Sundar


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