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October 2015

UIControlSuite .NET v.25 Released

Good news, folks :)

I have now released my latest release of UIControlSutei v.25.

Various enhancements and updates are in there… A quick summary of the release is as follows:


New WPF controls

Lots of updates to WinForms controls too

I have added more exciting features:

  • Orientation of type DrawingOrientation
  • VerticalTextDirection (of type TextDirection)
  • StringFormat, so you can ask the control to render it centre aligned or left aligned, etc.
    The defaults I setup internally in the control is Centre aligned, so you typically should not have to do anything, unless you want to set it to Near / Far mode)

I have also introduced a new property named: BorderDrawingStyle, where you can set it to None, Thin, Thick or SuperThick as desired.

There are many more new features including:

  • Automatic re-layout whereby the control will wrap text into multiple lines by itself depending on the size available, etc.
  • Advanced linear gradient background drawing, etc.
  • All new features will also support drawing with or without Drop-shadow
  • Allows full background transparency along with the new features

I have put together a new feature whereby it performs a complex analysis in order to figure out which strategy is useful in a given scenario, out of various possible combinations across anchoring shrinkage, etc., taking into account, factors such as when the Window control's StartPosition is set to Manual or otherwise, whether a main child control is in place,  and other factors.

I have introduced two new properties which do all these heavy lifting features.

  • ContainerChild of type Panel
  • ShouldEnableContainerChildAutoManagement of type bool
  • Apart from this, I have also introduced a more performant way of drawing the main view, when the window is maximized by the user.
    The effect is more in terms of memory footprint and speed vis-a-vis the strategy I had written earlier on.
  • I have also added a few more new custom themes for the Window.


I have updated the control in order to support customizing the background drawing extensively, thereby allowing a custom drawing theme to be used.

  • A new property named IsRenderingTheme is now available.
    This will ensure to switch off my control’s out-of-the-box various Windows and other exotic Office theme colours in the button, and instead draw itself with the colours you want it to use across various visual states.

Then, set these properties as you wish to any colours:

  • StartColor
  • EndColor
  • PushedStartColor
  • PushedEndColor

Any time if you want the control to use the built-in feature Theme colours (i.e. the current behaviour), you simply switch the property to true.

You can also set your own border colour now using this new property:

  • BorderColor

Also you can set a custom angle to let the control draw the gradient colour for the control using this new property:

  • LinearGradientRenderingAngle


In the past couple of weeks, I had started building a whole suite of new .NET controls for:

  • WPF
  • WinForms, and
  • Windows 10 Universal App controls

These include many new controls, including:

  • Windows 10 Universal App style Hamburger Menu control, Scheduler / Planner control, etc.


Will keep you all posted on that soon.

Have fun! :)


- Sundar

Release v.25 soon! New WPF controls coming! :)

Hello all,

As part of my upcoming next UIControlSuite .NET products release – Release v25.0, the following new WPF .NET controls will be available (possibly sometime next week) :)

The New controls, include:

  • ScrollBar Marker control for WPF
  • ThumbnailView Scrollbar for WPF

Features summary:

These new controls extend the capabilities of my current products Advanced ScrollBar for WPF, and will provide capabilities such as:

  • Rendering markers/bookmarks on the Scrollbar track
  • Support a variety of rendering options, including supporting
    • Custom shapes and images as the marker
    • Border & Fill decorations for the markers
    • Render tooltips on markers, thereby providing useful feedback to users
  • Allow extensibility abstractions, so that your code can own up the full drawing of the market artefacts
  • Display thumbnail view of the scrollbar attached control's contents


Another new WinForms .NET control ThumbnailView Scrollbar is also looking good for release :), but I will announce the actual date of its release later, possibly after the launch of Release v.25.0.

Stay tuned!

- Sundar

Advanced enhancements to WinForms Tab control

Hello all,

I have put together some new enhancements into my Tab control for WinForms.

You will love them :)


New features include…

1. Advanced automatic multi-line Header text drawing

The control supports drawing the header text of its tab pages, in multiple lines automatically.

There are two different levels to this feature-set:

  • You set once piece of a long line for the header text, and the control will take care of wrapping the text into multiple lines automatically
  • You being able to specifically set multiple distinct lines/sentences of text as the header text property value - In this case, you can setup multiple lines by visually entering carriage returns, and the control will also recognize these separate lines and then draw them in their individual lines

2. Advanced customizations around Tab page overflow management

  • A new rendering mechanism strategy is now available, whereby you can choose the tab pages overflow calculation strategy via a new property named TabPagesOverflowCalculationStrategy

Checkout the product website for more details, screenshots, etc.

Have fun!

- Sundar