UIControlSuite .NET v.25 Released
UIControlSuite .NET Vol. 2017.4: New Release

UIControlSuite Vol 2017.1 (v26) Released

Hello All - Welcome to 2017 :)

As of today, I am making available - the latest release : v.26 Volume 2017.1 of my UIControlSuite .NET .NET controls package :)

Read up on the goodies that are coming your way :)...

  • New .NET controls:

There are quite a number of new .NET controls in this release, including:

New WinForms .NET Controls:

  • Advanced Custom Columns controls for DataGridView so that you can now host my UI controls controls such as NumericTextDatePicker and the full Multi-column / Advanced ComboBox control in the DGV as custom controls columns
  • MultiSelectableCheckedListBox .NET
    • This is a new control that displays a drop-down multi-selectable listbox with checkbox for each items, and collectively display it in the combobox's text display area
    • Allows customisation of the displayed selection on the Comobox display area too

New WPF controls:

  • SmartTextBox 
  • Advanced FlowChart (supports various layouts, Top-down, Bottom-up, etc.)

Enhancements to existing .NET controls:

  • WinForms controls' enhancements: 
    • Advanced Groupbox: New groupbox shapes, and more advanced customisations
    • Advanced Label control: Now supports more advanced layouts / rendering
    • Advanced Tab control: 
      • Features for hosting varying sized tab headers and Tab page header images
      • Added support for having disabled tab pages/headers alongside enabled/active tabs
    • ModernWindowChrome control:
      • More new window themes added
      • Automatic built-in support for:
        • Setting the window to be the TopMost (without you having to work with interop)
        • Completely removing the chrome/titlebar
        • Make title or window border to be completely transparent, or both to be transparent at the same time
    • Advanced Combobox control:
      • More new text alignment customisations available; Allows mix-and match of one text alignment for control text and the other for the drop-down view items drawing
      • More advanced user-level querying of data possible; usable by both your end-users on the control's UI and also by developers to set it as property for ready use by the users
  • WPF controls' enhancements:
    • Ribbon: The control now comes with a new skinning/rendering algorithm using which you can supply a single colour, and the control will auto-magically produce appropriate shades of colours to apply on various of its UI elements
    • Slideshow control: 2 new slide transitions added; The pixel shaders library also stands updated with these shaders for use outside of the slideshow control 

New UWP .NET Controls (work-in-progress):

I am finishing up on many new UWP .NET controls at this time :)...

I will make them available soon too, in the next release volume (v.27, vol. 2017.2)

This will include...

  • AdvancedListView (with built-in support for multiple columns for Desktop device application scenarios)
  • Multi-column & Autocomplete/suggest Combobox
  • Gauge control
  • Advanced progress indicator 

Have fun! :) and enjoy my new Release vol. 2017.1 of UIControlSuite .NET.




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