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UIControlSuite .NET Release 18.5 goes LIVE

The New Release 18.5

The new release UIControlSuite .NET 18.5 is now LIVE with 3 new WinForms .NET controls including the WinForms Scrollbar control (as detailed in my earlier blog post here).

Also available in this release are a host of other feature enhancements to existing WinForms, WPF & Silverlight controls, and set of bug fixes.

More details available here in the UIControlSuite .NET Release 18.5 Release notes.

Have fun!

Next Release 19…

The next major release, UIControlSuite Release 19, with loads of new WPF & Silverlight .NET controls, is not far away! Stay tuned.

- Sundar

Virtualizing Wrap Panel for WPF & Silverlight, Volume 2011: Plans

Guys – This is just a “heads up” on the next major version I am working on, for my Virtualizing Wrap panel control for WPF and Silverlight.

You can expect the following heavy-weight features in the control, soon:

  • Out-of-the-box support for rendering items of varying size at the same time (currently the control already supports the feature of dynamic sizing of items via an eventing mechanism on scrolling in the viewport)
  • Grouping of items
  • Sorting of items
  • Filtering of items : This will include automatic support for removing realized items from viewport (without affecting anything on the bound data context)
  • Support for rendering items even when the root visual in the visual tree is a panel control that supplies Infinite size as the available size during the control’s layout pass (includes panels such as Stack panel, et al.)

This is a very technically complex and a very ambitious release for me!

I am planning to consolidate the release of this new version of the Virtualizing Wrap panel control along with the next major release of the Ribbon control (v 5.0) with support for Backstage view feature and more design-time features (for both Blend and VS 2010), as UIControlSuite .NET Release 14 Volume 2011.

Excitement begins now… just a few more weeks of waiting time… Smile… watch this space for a tentative date for this release.

Wish you all a very Prosperous and Happy New year 2011.