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Release v.25 soon! New WPF controls coming! :)

Hello all,

As part of my upcoming next UIControlSuite .NET products release – Release v25.0, the following new WPF .NET controls will be available (possibly sometime next week) :)

The New controls, include:

  • ScrollBar Marker control for WPF
  • ThumbnailView Scrollbar for WPF

Features summary:

These new controls extend the capabilities of my current products Advanced ScrollBar for WPF, and will provide capabilities such as:

  • Rendering markers/bookmarks on the Scrollbar track
  • Support a variety of rendering options, including supporting
    • Custom shapes and images as the marker
    • Border & Fill decorations for the markers
    • Render tooltips on markers, thereby providing useful feedback to users
  • Allow extensibility abstractions, so that your code can own up the full drawing of the market artefacts
  • Display thumbnail view of the scrollbar attached control's contents


Another new WinForms .NET control ThumbnailView Scrollbar is also looking good for release :), but I will announce the actual date of its release later, possibly after the launch of Release v.25.0.

Stay tuned!

- Sundar

Advanced enhancements to WinForms Tab control

Hello all,

I have put together some new enhancements into my Tab control for WinForms.

You will love them :)


New features include…

1. Advanced automatic multi-line Header text drawing

The control supports drawing the header text of its tab pages, in multiple lines automatically.

There are two different levels to this feature-set:

  • You set once piece of a long line for the header text, and the control will take care of wrapping the text into multiple lines automatically
  • You being able to specifically set multiple distinct lines/sentences of text as the header text property value - In this case, you can setup multiple lines by visually entering carriage returns, and the control will also recognize these separate lines and then draw them in their individual lines

2. Advanced customizations around Tab page overflow management

  • A new rendering mechanism strategy is now available, whereby you can choose the tab pages overflow calculation strategy via a new property named TabPagesOverflowCalculationStrategy

Checkout the product website for more details, screenshots, etc.

Have fun!

- Sundar

Advanced enhancements to Tab control for WinForms released

Hi folks,

I have put together some more advanced features in my Tab control for WinForms.


WinForms PowerTabStrip .NET control enhancements

The enhancements includes several new features, including:

  • Multi-line overflow of tabs
  • Auto re-layout upon resizing of the window / container
  • Out-of-the-box feature of auto sizing the tab page headers to make them all be same across all tab pages
  • Advanced formatting of the header text
  • More advanced Design-time enhancements for building your tab control instance in your applications an absolute breeze
  • Touch-screen capable - Supports large sized image as tab page header image
  • Ability to disable any tab page header, so it will be unavailable for selection, and the UI will present its UI aspects in a disabled state
  • Supports hosting varying sized tab headers and Tab page header images
  • Supports having image on some tab page headers, and none on others
  • Disabled state drawing for tab page headers, page header image and text
  • New design-time enhancements to perform advanced re-calculation/re-drawing and layout updates when some advanced layout related property is changed (like multi-line / menu tab page overflow, header image change from small size to larger size, etc.)
  • Many many more features. :)


Head out straight to my website Tab Control product page and have a look at the goodies :)


Upcoming New WPF .NET control product release

WPF Scroll Marker .NET control is approaching imminent release :) … stay tuned!

My WinForms ScrollMarker .NET control is available since last week.


Have fun!

- Sundar

New WinForms control released: MarkerScrollBar .NET

Hello good people,

I am now releasing my new WinForms .NET control – MarkerScrollBars .NET today :)


Product details

For full product details, please visit the product page here.


The new .NET control is ready for play

Evaluating customers: Please feel free to download and play with it.

Retail customers: You can download it for use right-away in your applications (if you are currently a licensed customer with valid / active support license).


Have fun.

- Sundar

MarkerScrollBar .NET Control… (almost) Release ready! :)

Hi folks,

I have completed developing my new .NET control – MarkerScrollBar .NET now :)

I will make it available for release soon.

Here’s a quick screenshot of one state of my PicturePanel control (that uses internally my MarkerScrollBar control) which is setup with several bookmarks on the scrollbar control instances (both Horizontal and Vertical scrollers).

You can see many bookmarks in there, including the fact that each one is a different kind of bookmark too (image, shape, etc.).

There are tons of features in it, including the size/colours/brush configurations, automatic scroll to the appropriate location when the user clicks on bookmark, providing extended information on the bookmarks themselves via tooltip, and many many more features.

It will be fun to use! :)

I will be releasing the WinForms and the WPF versions of this new control soon, so I can continue to finish developing the two other new .NET controls – viz., ThumbnailViewScrollbar .NET for Winforms and WPF (I am in the final stages of complete developing these two controls, as we speak) :)


MarkerScrollBar .NET control in action… I am loving the view inside it too :)



Have fun!

- Sundar

Next UIControlSuite .NET Release - Development News Updates

Hello all,

As part of my next UIControlSuite .NET products release, I am currently working on building some really exciting new .NET control across WinForms and WPF, viz., a couple of which I want to announce now :)


The New controls, includes:

  • ScrollBar Marker control for WinForms
  • ScrollBar Marker control for WPF
  • ThumbnailView Scrollbar for Winforms
  • ThumbnailView Scrollbar for WPF


Features summary:

These new controls extend the capabilities of my current products Advanced ScrollBar for WinForms and WPF, and will provide capabilities such as:

  • Rendering markers/bookmarks on the Scrollbar track
  • Support a variety of rendering options, including supporting
    • Custom shapes and images as the marker
    • Border & Fill decorations for the markers
    • Render tooltips on markers, thereby providing useful feedback to users
  • Allow extensibility abstractions, so that your code can own up the full drawing of the market artefacts
  • Display thumbnail view of the scrollbar attached control's contents


As usual, when I come close to the release date of these new .NET controls, I will publish screenshots of these product features here, so you can get to see all the goodies in the controls.


License purchase Options

Customers will be able to get these new controls by buying the appropriate licenses, i.e.

  • The WInForms version of controls will be available when you buy the UIControlSuite .NET WinForms Edition or higher, and
  • Both the WinForms and WPF versions of the new controls will be available when you buy the UIControlSuite .NET Professional Edition or higher product licenses.

There is not a way to buy these controls individually.



I am also building a number of more new .NET controls, and will be publishing more details on them sometime later.

Stay tuned!

- Sundar

CheckedImageListBox .NET WinForms control screenshots

Hi folks,

Here are some screenshots of my new .WinForms NET control – CheckedImageListBox .NET that I am about to release.

The screenshots here presents some of the core scenarios of its renderings, more specifically illustrating…

  • Automatically formatted multi-line content text
  • Title text
  • Item image
  • Item in Partial-view and Full-view modes
  • Item Sidebar (both in item Full-view and Partial-view modes)
  • Item Sidebar rendered using custom colour values, one for each of the item visual state – i.e. the Hovered and Selected visual states
  • Customised Foreground colours for Item title and content text
  • Background colours (and gradients) customised for items in different visual states – i.e. Normal, Selected, and Hovered
  • Item Annotations (on mouse hover on Item)
  • The checked / unchecked states using…
    • Built-in check box drawing, and
    • Also with custom images that you can set for each of those check states

There are many more features to present, especially across many different properties setup, but I present here some of the essential ones, just to tease your appetite ;)


- Sundar







- Sundar

New Advanced CheckedImageListBox WinForms .NET control

Here comes my latest .NET controls suite release that will include among various new features and controls, a new .NET control for WinForms -  a very advanced capabilities supporting CheckedImageListBox control.

Honestly, this has ended up taking quite a bit of my effort and time to finish it off, not just because it was indeed quite a complex control to write and the pixel-perfection of the UI I always want to achieve, but also because I could not resist my temptations to stop adding more and more features into it :)

Phew! Finally… here comes my new .NET WinForms .NET control - AdvancedCheckedListBox .NET

Once i have created my new product’s web page, you will be able to read the full set of the control’s features in detail, but for those who cant wait to know what my new control can do ;), here is the brief summary of its capabilities…


Advanced CheckedImageListBox .NET

The new CheckedImageListBox .NET control will present your data items in a list-box style display, and in addition provide may extended modern UI features, including...

  • Out-of-the-box OwnerDrawnVariable mode style drawing, thereby letting your item’s content to have differing fonts, and text drawing styles
  • Drawing a check-state for each item - i.e. allows presenting the list items with a checkbox, that can be checked, unchecked or even set to undefined (i.e. check-state completely removed)
  • Drawing a custom image for each item
  • Drawing a title, and a body content text for the item
  • Drawing a side-bar at the left hand side of the item when the mouse hovers over an item (or when the item is currently in selected state). This side-bar can be heavily customised for its width, background color, gradient, its border thickness and color.
  • Drawing item-specific annotation at the far right-side of the item, when the item is mouse-hovered or is currently in selected state. This will let you custom supply an annotation image (for purposes such as, say, allowing the user to do some actions such as print, delete etc.) that can be rendered on the item, on an per-item basis, so that you can decide what annotation / image to show depending on which item is currently being hovered upon or selected, by subscribing to certain special events the control raises.
  • Draws an Outlook style User-interface as is seen in its messages list view style of rendering items
  • Supports advanced item display modes, viz., Full View and Partial View
  • Automatic multi-line formatting of item content and title text, as the controls size is changed at run-time
  • Built-in feature of displaying alternate colored items
  • Custom sizing of the check-box UI in the items
  • Custom images for Checked/Unchecked states of the Check-state image
  • Supports the CheckOnClick feature
  • Custom sizing of gap / padding between items’ visual components (image, checkbox and text)
  • Enables drawing border for items
  • Custom border sizing and color
  • Custom border thickness across different states of item, i.e. Selected, Unselected or hovered
  • Custom background color and gradient setup for various visual states for the items, i.e. Selected state, unselected state and Mouse-over visual states
  • Custom background color and gradient setup for control's states viz., Enabled, Disabled and Read-only visual states
  • Extensive customization of many UI aspects of the control, including colors, gradients, padding, sizing, and many more
  • Provides a number of API methods to be called on it, to support programmatic operations, including: Scorlling, Selection / de-selection, Check-state setting, etc. 
  • Exposes a number of special events to subscribe to and custom handle in your code, including: ItemHoverChanged, ItemCheckStateAboutToBeChanged, ItemCheckStateChanged, VerticalScroll, TooltipAboutToBeShow, AnnotationImageClicked, ItemImageClicked, etc.
  • And, many many, yes, many many more features…. ;)


My product web page, once i release it, will contain even more details on this new .NET Control.

Watch the space… Binarymission - UIControlSuite .NET

Have fun.



- Sundar

Highly customizable GroupBox .NET control for WinForms


I have built a heavily customizable GroupBox .NET control for the WinForms.

Its quite a treat, visually speaking. You will all love it ;)


The control boasts several features, including the following broadly speaking…

  • Customizable border colour and styles (including dotted border)
  • Customizable border thickness
  • Customize separate font for Header text and the rest of the groupbox control
  • Draw the Group-box background with either Linear gradient brush or a solid brush, with colours that you can choose
  • Draw the Groupbox's Header text area with border and a background, with header section border thickness and colour customizable as well
  • Customize the left and right margin around the group-box header text
  • Customize the padding for the group-box border
  • Choose between drawing the group-box border to any location in the control - i.e. left aligned or right-aligned, or even centre-aligned


Product details

There is lots more. Check it out from the product page here:



Have fun!

- Sundar


Some screenshots of the control in action…