Upcoming release: New control: Scheduler control for WPF

Just a quick heads-up to say I will be releasing a new WPF control in the coming weeks -  an MS Outlook styled Scheduler control for WPF :)

I have completed building the control, and am giving it the “final touches” at the moment, so-to-speak!

A quick summary of the core features of the control is like so:

  • Multiple Schedule modes: Implements Day view, Week view and Month view of schedules
  • MS Outlook style look-and-feel: I have built it as much as possible, to make the control look and feel like the Outlook scheduler…but, honestly it is much more beautiful than the MS Outlook’s scheduler ;)
  • Easy setup and usage: The control is designed to be very easy to setup & use. You simply setup a list of Scheduler evens on the control, and subscribe and handle any of the various events/commands that the control exposes, and your application is scheduler enabled. Its that easy.
  • Deep UI customisation: Apart from the ready-to-use default view for the UI, the control also supports extensive customisation of the schedule view’s UI aspects
  • Advanced custom plug-in model enabled: The control exposes a pluggable interface IScheduleFacilitator which you could custom implement on a custom view, and ask the control to use that custom view to be presented as the view for schedule views, such as Day view, week view and month view.
  • Raises several CLR events and commands to let you respond and handle interactions with all core artefacts of the control (such as specific event view, timeline objects, etc.)
  • Fully MVVM design pattern friendly: The control raises corresponding commands (apart from the CLR events that it raises for any interactions with the control), so you can manage handling fully via your ViewModel layer rather than code-behind)
  • Built-in color schemes: I have built 10 different color schemes that you can readily use by simply switching the color mode property value on the control. That said, you can customise the control’s color aspects in any way you want, by setting up your custom style for the control.



I do not have a confirmed date for the release at this time, since I need to spend some more time to complete the final touches on the control.

That said, I expect to make it available around end of October.


What more?

I plan to develop and release the Silverlight and WinRT versions of the Scheduler control too, to be available in future releases. I will start to develop these versions after I release the WPF version in the upcoming release.


Watch this blog or my website for more updates soon.


- Sundar

Happy New Year with New Product Releases

Its been quite a busy year :) with lots of product releases at various points in time.

The recent releases included quite a number of new products, especially for the WinForms .NET platform.

Particularly, one product that has been a very big hit and popular with my customers is the ModernChromeWindow .NET component.
This one took quite a bit of my time and effort to develop, but has come out very nicely :).. well worth having my time spent on it.

This component fully replaces the .NET Framework's stock .NET component - the Form class, and in addition to that I completely take the heavy-lifting off you around managing and rendering the non-client area (a.k.a. the Chrome) bits so as to let you perform heavy customisations on it with super easy code…  the non-client area customisation now is as simple as setting some CLR type properties in order to make your Form / Window look really cool, without you having to do deal with any of the low-level non-client are Win32 messages, et al.

You can even host rich .NET controls on the title-bar with absolute ease. You simply add these controls to a collection type CLR property, and i take care of how to render them on the real non-client area that I render. ;)


A quick features round-up:

  • Ability to fully customize the non-client area
  • Full design-time supported
  • Incredibly easy to use – it is as simple as setting up some CLR properties
  • You can customise every aspect of the chrome
  • Out-of-the-box support for ready-to-use Window rendering themes: includes Office, Win 8 and Win RT themes, all ready to use
  • Custom theme supported
  • Host rich .NET controls on the title-bar, if you want to
  • Plug-in your own chrome area renderer, if you want to take full control over the rendering
  • Customize the application chrome command buttons
  • and many more rich features.


You can read more about the ModernChromeWindow .NET component here in my website.

Download your copy today, and enjoy :)


- Sundar

Office 2010 styled Ribbon Backstage menu, and reusable standalone Backstage Tab control for WPF – Release 20

On top of the already made available new controls in the Release 19 build, I am making available two more new controls (thanks to all the requests from my customers, for these features) as new Release 20:


Ribbon control gets Backstage menu feature

I have enhanced my existing WPF Ribbon control to have the popular Office 2010 style Backstage menu feature.

You could switch to this menu mode by simply setting up your menu content inside the newly introduced control named BinaryRibbonBackstageApplicationMenu which is hosted as the value for the ApplicationMenu property of the BinaryRibbonBarPanel instance.

Its as simple as that!


Here are some quick screenshots of a Ribbon app and the window instance displaying the Backstage menu.




Standalone Office 2010 style Backstage Tab control

I am also making available in Release 19, a new standalone Office 2010 styled Backstage tab/Menu control that you could use in your applications (outside of our Ribbon), so you could render a Backstage control as a tab control in your apps where you do not have our Ribbon style application rendering.

The control will allow you to customise every single rendering aspect, including Menu background, foreground, menu item width, height, item selection colour, item hovering colour, etc.

Here is a quick screenshot of a standalone app using the new Backstage WPF Tab control: (click on the image for a full view)

Backstage styld Tab-Menu control for WPF



- Sundar

UIControlSuite .NET: Release 19 rollout

UIControlSuite .NET Release 19 contains:

New WPF & Silverlight 5 .NET controls

  • New Metro style Tile control (Windows 8 style) for WPF & Silverlight:

Features include:

    • Scroll supports both horizontal and vertical modes
    • Virtualization enabled, brining the power of being able to bind to millions of tile objects in the tile control and still achieve the smooth scrolling experience.
    • Highly customizable 
          - Customise the tile control look/feel
          - Customise the size of the tiles "chunks" or groups
          - Supports several scrolling effects to choose from
  • New Windows 8 Metro style Window control for WPF
  • Radial Layout control: This helps in rendering circular shaped layout of child items, useful in customising and rendering artefacts such as Gauges, progress bars, and many more.
  • New Metro style dialog window control for WPF
  • Numeric Spinner / Updown for WPF
  • Domain Spinner / Updown control for WPF
  • A new Visual Studio 2010 Template for automating the WPF application project setup for our WPF Ribbon control
  • New slide transition effects for Slideshow control (for WPF and Silverlight 5)
    - Color blending effect
    - Pixelating effect
  • The standalone Effects library for WPF & Silverlight 5 stands updated with the new effects
    - Color blending effect
    - Pixelating effect
  • Smart TextBox control:  Features include:
    1. Watermark ability: You can set any content piece as the watermark (image, text, etc.), and be able to set a custom template to render it as well.
    2. Expandable border
    3. Dependency properties to set up colouring of control background for invalid input; includes optionally being able to setup simple properties to perform blinking borders, animating the background colour rendering, and displaying an information tooltip as a drop-down tooltip piece of content.
    4. “Alert Flag” visual rendering on the control: to hint an alert
    5. Built-in Eraser control feature, to visually be able to erase text data on the control
    6. Supports a custom regular expression to be supplied to let you decide what text can be allowed to be input by the user.

    A quick screenshot of this control in action is here. Click for a full view.




New Windows Phone 7.5 controls

  • New Windows Phone 7.5 includes:

    • Radial Layout control: This helps in rendering circular shaped layout of child items, useful in customising and rendering artefacts such as Gauges, progress bars, and many more.
    • New Metro style Tile control (Windows 8 style) for Windows Phone 7.5


New / Enhancements  WinForms .NET controls

WinForms custom Scrollbar control  enhanced to render separate colours on the track area to differentiate between scrolled area and the “yet to be scrolled” area.

Enhancements to existing WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone 7.5 & WinForms controls

WPF Ribbon control

The Ribbon control suite now has new controls:

  • Numeric spinner
  • MS Office style expandable gallery
  • Extended Textbox
  • WPF ColorPicker control’s additional colors view is now customizable for both border thickness and its brush.


WPF TreeListView control

The control now supports multi-selection of items via a simple to use property.
The control also exposes the underlying multi-selected hierarchical items via a new property.

The property IsMultiSelectionEnabled when set to true enables the ability to do multi-selection of items with the Ctrl (key) + selection.

Apart from that, the new property IsShiftMultiSelectionEnabled when set to true will enable multiple-selection of items using Shift (key) item selection as well (along with Ctrl key + Item selection behaviour).


Other enhancements

  • Virtualizing Wrap Panel control assemblies are built targeting Silverlight 5 runtime
  • Zoom & Pan control assemblies are built targeting Silverlight 5 runtime, and have been enhanced to Windows Phone 7.5 (OS7.1)

Bug fixes

Minor bug fixes have been made on the following existing WinForms .NET controls:

  • PowerTabstrip control
  • Explorerbar control
  • Panelbar control
  • SmartButton control
  • Multi-column combobox control

Have fun.

- Sundar

UIControlSuite .NET Release 18.5 goes LIVE

The New Release 18.5

The new release UIControlSuite .NET 18.5 is now LIVE with 3 new WinForms .NET controls including the WinForms Scrollbar control (as detailed in my earlier blog post here).

Also available in this release are a host of other feature enhancements to existing WinForms, WPF & Silverlight controls, and set of bug fixes.

More details available here in the UIControlSuite .NET Release 18.5 Release notes.

Have fun!

Next Release 19…

The next major release, UIControlSuite Release 19, with loads of new WPF & Silverlight .NET controls, is not far away! Stay tuned.

- Sundar

New WinForms Custom ScrollBar control to be available in Release 18.5 Of UIControlSuite .NET

I just cannot believe how many companies are in WinForms development even now, in spite of the enormous potential that WPF and Silverlight continues to offer for thick/desktop and smart client development… and as a result I have been getting a huge number of many new WinForms controls requests from existing and new potential customers ;)

A new WinForms ScrollBar .NET Control

Anyway, as a result of a large amount request for a custom ScrollBar control for WinForms, I have put together a new control – ScrollBar .NET for WinForms.

I already have written a customised WPF ScrollBar/ScrollViewer control which is already available in the UIControlSuite package, and this new ScrollBar control is for WinForms.

Features include:

  • Supports both Orientations: Vertical, and Horizontal
  • You can customise the colors every single aspect of the rendered artefacts viz., Thumb, Track and Scroll Arrow buttons
  • Supports customisation of colors for rendering various states like Hot, Pressed, Normal and Disabled
  • Supports customisation of images in the Thumb and Arrow buttons
  • Out-of-the-box ready to use pre-configured rendering with Office 2007, Windows 7, Windows 8 Metro style, and custom Basic Colors rendering pack

Where can you use this new control

You will be able to use this wherever you would normally use the HScrollBar and VScrollBar classes, and use to implement scrolling in containers that do not provide their own scroll bars (or even if they provide their own, you could switch them off and add this control and wire up the scrolling using the control’s properties such as LargeChange, SmallChange, Minimum, Maximum, Position, etc.).

Additional new WinForms .NET Controls that will be made available as part of this release:

To make instant use of the new WinForms ScrollBar control, I have written some new useful controls that comes built-in with the new scrollbar control as their scroll bar, so you do not have to write or wire up anything.

These new controls include:

  • A Scrollable Imageviewer control
  • A Scrollable Panel container control

With these controls in your toolbox, you can simply set the desired colors for various aspects of the scrollbar, and start using these controls.

When are these new control available?

I am expecting to make this new control available on sometime this week – say by 27/28th.


Some screenshots of this new Customisable WinForms ScrollBar control in action:


CustomSCrollBar_3_v3     CustomSCrollBar_2_v2



Check the product page in the company website here: New WinForms SCrollBar .NET control

This new .NET WinForms control will be released as part of UIControlSuite .NET Release 18.5, and will be available only to Corporate Edition customers (which is the only license made available going forward).

This release will also include a maintenance and some enhancements to existing WinForms, WPF and Silverlight controls in the suite.

- Sundar


Virtualizing Wrap Panel v8.0 Enhancements and UIControlSuite Release 18.2 now available

The Virtualizing Wrap Panel for WPF, SIlverlight and Windows Phone 7 control stands enhanced with some new features like so:

Rendering related enhancements:

These new properties enhance the control’s Grouping related rendering capabilities. Use these to fine tune the pixel level details of rendering the virtualized grouped view

  • CustomExtraSpacingBetweenGroupHeaderRowAndDataItemRow
  • CustomExtraSpacingBetweenGroupRenderingCompletionAndGroupHeaderRowRenderingBegins
  • IsRenderItemDimensionHeightSpacingBetweenGroupHeaderAndDataItemRowEnabled
  • ShouldRenderItemHeightSpacingAfterAGroupHasBeenRendered
  • ShouldRenderExtraLineBeforeHeader

More details & screen-shots will be available in the company website.

This brings the VirtualizingWrapPanel control to its version 8.0, and the UIControlSuite .NET Release 18.2 to Release 18.2.


Customers please note that this new enhancement is available only to the Enterprise Edition customers or customers who have bought the Virtualizing Wrap Panel control product.

Enjoy the new updates.

- Sundar

UIControlSuite Release 18.1 – Enhancement to Multi-column Combobox control

The Release 18.1 is now RTM / available to public. This release contains an enhancement to our WinForms Advanced Combobox control.

The control’s multi-column mode now is capable of rendering the column data in varying data formats:

The control when run in its multi-column mode, is capable of rendering column data in various data format types like so:

  • Currency data type; where you can specify how many decimal places you want the control to display the data
  • Integer data type; where you can ask the control to render the thousands commas separator
  • Decimal data type; where you can ask the control to render decimal value with how many ever decimal precision you want it to render
  • Date or Date and Time data type ; where you can ask the control to render the date as just date or with full custom date string as desired
  • Text data column; this is default mode of rendering the data in the multi-column view.

Note that the view will still render the data as string data, but it will format it to any of the above listed data formats before rendering it in the view and then render it as text data.

More details & screenshot of the feature in action is in the website / product page here:



Have fun.

- Sundar

UIControlSuite .NET Release 18 is now LIVE and available

The Release 18 is now LIVE, and all announced features are now available ;)

The full list of features in this Release are like so:


New WPF Tab control

This will be a customisable Tab control that is ready to use out-of-the-box.

Its got several styles of rendering including Visual Studio style, Diamond, Trapezium, and a host of others, and currently supports two orientations (Top and Bottom).

Refer to more detail on this control here in my earlier blog post.


New WPF & Silverlight control: ZoomAndPan provider

ZoomAndPan is a new control for WPF & Silverlight, and as the name indicates clearly, the control provides Panning and Zooming service to any FrameworkElement.

The control has several configurable features including, being able to set:

  1. Custom Zoom factor
  2. Custom Maximum and Minimum zoom depth
  3. Enabling or disabling Panning
  4. Enabling or disabling automatic zoom out, based on a particular key
  5. Custom keyboard key for automatic zooming out

An Online demo of this ZoomAndPan control is here:

Online demo of ZoomAndPan control for WPF & Silverlight


A screenshot of how you can use the control to enable zooming and panning on it is like so:



Enhancements to existing WPF and Silverlight controls

  1. Several new slide transition effects have been added for the Slideshow control
  2. Flowchart / Organisation chart control now supports Zooming and Panning out-of-the-box
  3. Flowchart / Organisation chart control now supporting out-of-the-box printing facility (including printing into multiple pages).

General maintenance, bug fixes across controls in the suite, including:

- FIXED: Slideshow Raindrop effect in Win7 64-bit did not work sometimes, now fixed.
- FIXED: Slideshow repeating the last slide twice if you moved directly to the last slide when the slideshow begins
- FIXED: An extra pixel unit of border that was being rendered in the left hand side of the Ribbon tab item
- FIXED: WinForms TreelistView item rendering flickers when performing mouse-move when using the advanced gradient color rendering mode for items.


Release 19 Updates

The work on the upcoming Release 19 is underway and approaching completion soon :)

The new controls that will be available in Release 19 are like so:

  • Docking control for WPF
  • Docking control for Silverlight
  • Ribbon control for Silverlight
  • Advanced Grid control for the WPF
  • Advanced Grid control for Silverlight
  • Scheduler for WPF, with Hour, Day, Month and Year views
  • Scheduler for Silverlight, with Hour, Day, Month and Year views

Stay tuned for more information on that release in a couple of weeks time from now.


Enjoy Release 18.

- Sundar

UIControlSuite .NET Release 18 - New WPF Tab control introduced

Here comes Release 18 “Delivery”, in an agile way ;) – the Continuous Delivery model in action!

As announced in my earlier post on Release 18, i am now making the builds available incrementally with each new feature/enhancement/fix as promised, so we will have the Release 18 made available smoothly over a few days of time (rather than waiting for the one full release with all new stuff in it on the Release 18 sprint release date).

I making available the new WPF Tab control now, and have added it as part of the already available SmartNavigator controls collection in the UIControlSuite package.

This gives you a very nice and customisable Tab strip control that is ready to use out-of-the-box.


Tab-strip control features summary

The control is a regular Tab control for WPF, but its got several out-of-the-box features such that you can simply drag-drop a control instance into your Window, set some properties and off you go for an amazing, really jaw-dropping Tab control features.

This control can do everything my (already available) WinForms Tab control can do, and much much more!

To summarise the features quickly, its got several styles of rendering including Visual Studio style, Diamond, Trapezium, and a host of others, and currently supports two orientations (Top and Bottom).

The control also has some neat animations such as performing transforms upon mouse hovering into a tab header, rendering currently inactive (or not selected/mouse-hovered) tab items to be rendered in a translucent / transparent mode, and more.


Is there a Silverlight version of this control?

At this time, the control is written only for WPF (as planned for Release 18), but i intend to re-write it for Silverlight as well soon. (Oops! This little secret slipped out of my mouth accidentally ; ))

OK, now that i have mentioned it,  let me also tell you that I am planning to release the Silverlight version of this control as part of the next big release – i.e. Release 19 along with the other “heavy-weight” features-rich controls).


Here are some snapshots of the WPF Tab-strip control in action…








Download the package today, and have fun.

- Sundar