Virtualizing Wrap Panel control for Windows Phone 7 (WP7) to be available in Release 15


As part of the upcoming Release 15 of UIControlsSuite .NET Suite and version 4 of UI Virtualizing Wrap Panel control package, I am happy to announce that I am also making available a new control for the Windows Phone 7 platform – Virtualizing Wrap Panel for Windows Phone 7 (WP 7).

This Windows Phone (WP7) version of the control will support all the features that are available in the WPF & Silverlight versions, including support for automatic re-virtualisation/realisation for transactional edits/updates, filtering, sorting and grouping of child items.

Stay tuned, and watch the product page for more updates soon.


- Sundar

WPF Ribbon control custom PRISM RegionAdapter class now available.

Guys, i have written a RegionAdapterBase<Binarymission.WPF.Controls.WindowControls.BinaryRibbonBarPanel> type implementation class library (for both WPF and Silverlight) for use in your WPF PRISM based projects, and is now available to all customers.

Retail customers will have got a copy of this by now, on first priority basis :)

- Sundar